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Pipe Cleaners - Chenille Stems

Pipe Cleaners

Product Description:
Assorted fall colored pipe cleaners. 12 inches long by 6mm thick. 100 pieces per package. Twist and bend these colorful chenille stems into your favorite shapes, and add them to your creative projects. Fun and easy to use by children and adults alike, these fuzzy sticks come in packs of 100 to simplify project planning. The selection of great colors makes these chenille stems great for both solo and group projects. These colors make these ideal for creating fun craft projects. Easy to bend and mold to create designs, shapes and objects, or add on as a fun accent to other craft projects.
General Information:
Pipe Cleaners, also known to many as chenille stems and chenille sticks are available in lots of colors and assortments and at a great price! We have small quantities for small jobs and bulk pine cleaners for larger crafts. Chenille sticks are not just for children's crafts. They are great for craft projects, floral enhancements, Christmas decorations, pipe cleaner animals and more!
Size: 12" x 6 mm
Qty per Package: 100 pc
Item #: 1084-99
Price: 3.59

Other Helpful Information:

Someone once described a pipe cleaner as a "hairy wire". While it isn't actually hair, it is a fairly good description.

Quite versatile, a chenille stem can be bent or cut. There are so many craft projects on the internet to make with them.

Here are some ideas to use chenille sticks:

  • Use as stiffeners inside craft projects such as stuffed animals, face masks and felt crafts.
  • Pipe cleaners are the perfect kids' craft staple!
  • Twist chenille sticks around the end of a pencil or pen for a cute writing companion.
  • Wrap chenille stems around the upper section of a wire coat hanger to prevent clothes from falling off of your hanger.
  • Slip beads onto them for Christmas ornaments, tree hangers, and even to create antenna for the cutest chenille stem bugs.
  • Use pipe cleaners around the edge of a picture or drawing for a wonderful scrapbook frame.
  • Fashion flowers, stars, animals or toys with pipe cleaners for a 3-D look.
  • Form ears, hands and feet with them to create a cute critter using a water or soda bottle for it's body.
  • Wrap a green chenille stem around a pencil to create a spiral. Add red pony beads to the spiral and then bring the 2 ends of the chenille stick together and twist together for a nice wreath.
  • Spiral yellow and black pipe cleaners together to form a cute bee's body. Use small sections of white to form it' wings.
  • Use them as a tool to clean out tiny spaces.
  • There are so many things that can be done with them!

We went on pinterest and found literally thousands of uses for them. Everything from using them as tools to holiday decorations, to helpful things to kids crafts, and everything in between.

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