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Transparent Pony Beads

Pony Beads

Product Description:
These craft beads are transparent (see-through) in color. Plastic pony beads are great for beading, as hair beads, for jewelry making, kids crafts and more. Pony beads measure 6x9mm with 4mm hole making them perfect for use on thicker cords.
General Information:
Pony beads are a popular craft and jewelry making bead. They are barrel shaped, made of plastic, are 6mm x 9mm, and have a 4mm hole. Transparent, opaque and glitter pony beads are available in a large variety of colors. Related Terms: Bracelet Beads - Craft Beads - Crow Beads - Plastic Craft Beads - Transparent Pony Beads - Plastic Pony Beads
Size: 6 mm x 9 mm
Color: RUBY
Qty per Package: 500 pc
Item #: 1122-520-B
Price: 4.29

Other Helpful Information:

It is said that pony beads get their name from being great for trading and easily transported by traders on their pack horses and have been around since the 1800's and possibly even as early as the late 1600's (but other sources dispute this).
Also referred to as bracelet beads, pony beads are used for a wide variety of crafts. Their large hole make them perfect for stringing onto cords for bracelets, using as hair beads, for chokers, leather cords for adding to fringe, on hat bands and feathers, dangles and so much more.
Pony beads are also called crow beads. Crow beads are very similar in shape but are sometimes larger and often made of glass or clay. More often than not these 2 beads are interchangeable in a beading project.
A new wave in the bead crafting world is melting pony beads to make beautiful sun catchers, coasters and hot pot pads. When melted transparent pony beads allow the light to shine through them to show off their colors. Imagine a sun catcher with your initials or a lighthouse or other colorful picture inside the shape.
To melt your pony beads place them on a cookie sheet or in a silicone pan or baking cups. Place them inside your shape and arrange to suit your design. It doesn't matter if they are sideways or hole upright because when they melt you won't see any difference.
I have read about baking your beads in an oven (400 to 450 degrees), melting them with an iron (use a sheet of wax paper between your iron and the beads, to even using a blow dryer but I have my reservations about trying that method.
Once they are melted and have cooled you can drill a small hole into the edge to hang your creation.
Good stringing material ideas would be any 2 to 4mm cord, suede lace, rattail cord, shoelaces, paracord, leather cord and more.

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